As a full time career married woman with children–that is a mouthful–time tends to run away from me. I am  passionate about all my roles but one of them, the me role, gets pushed to the sidelines frequently. I tend to run out of the house with my clothes askew, no make up, with my breakfast and coffee in hand. To do all this running around with ease, my body must be fit to handle the abuse it gets. I need to keep it in shape, but my exercise routine does not always happen, if I don’t make time for it.

I must be deliberate about fitting it in to my schedule. Worigin out for 45 minutes to an hour is just not realistic for me. To make this happen, my children must be locked in the closet (kidding) or dinner does not happen until late (NOT kidding).  I love short, intense workouts.

Workouts for when you are short on time

  1. 10 minute trainer! (For a busy mom, this is a NO brainer)
  2. 21 day fix (only 30 minutes)
  3. The Master’s Hammer and Chisel (30 minutes for almost all of them–and I reserve the longer ones for the weekend–you are the trainer so you can be flexible)
  4. 22 minute hard coops (my newest favorite!!).

I schedule Exercise into my life like a doctor’s appointment. It is after all the best thing for my health and well-being. I also join an accountability group. If I check in with a coach or with my group, I am more likely to complete the program. Besides, it is not fun to struggle on your own.

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