I’ve experienced many challenges in my life. Some of them I choose to take on and others are thrown at me simply because of the changes in circumstances in my life. Some of them I enjoy and others I don’t, but all of them have changed me.

Challenges that I willingly take on

As a christian woman, I’ve challenged myself do things like to read through the Bible in one year; complete an in depth Bible study;¬†pray for others. As a wife, Ive challenged myself to be kind and gentle to my husband. As a mother, I’ve challenged myself to be more patient to my children and to designate more blocks of my day just to have them talk to me as I listen. Children do have plenty of things to say about life and what they are going through. As a teacher, I’ve challenged myself to speak calmly and handle each situation patiently. As a health and fitness coach, I frequently accept clean eating and fitness challenges to be a product of Beachbody products.

Challenges that life volunteers me for

What about the ones that get thrown at me because life just happens. Financial burdens because of the loss of a job; my children’s injurie; that one student who challenges your patience to the limit; living halfway around the world from where I grew up and being homesick. These challenges really do try one’s soul and sanity. I’ve wondered sometimes if I was losing it.

I love the challenges I do take on because after 30 days, I move on and start another challenge because I’ve completed the previous, but life’s challenges are more difficult because you can’t just complete them in x amount of days. But the wonderful thing is that if you rise up to these challenges and find the tools to help you face them head on, you will be pleasantly surprised at your strength and resilience.

My growth and improvement

How have I grown in these challenges? There is still room for improvement. I am more spiritually attuned to what God wants for my life. I am a better mother and I enjoy spending time with my children, I’ve lost about 20 pounds and I’m more conscious about what I put into my body. I am a more patient teacher.
What are some challenges that you could take on this year, to help you improve certain areas of your life and what challenges are you going through right now that has the potential to suck the joy out of life or make you the woman God intends you to be?