Why is bringing balance so near and dear to me?

My name is Glenda Cornelius. I am a 45 year old wife of a very loving and hardworking man, a mother to  3 adorable children, a  school teacher and a health and fitness enthusiast. Several years ago before I jumped into all these roles– all are not by accident–I called myself superwoman, because I went to work at 6 am and came home at 7 pm; hang out with friends until the wee hours of the morning, and make it to work early and make and change plans at the drop of a hat and go on adventures without upsetting too many people.

Today, I find that plans have to be made in advance, some things have to be let undone for things that have higher priorities, and things are prioritized, whereas before, I could change the order of things without analyzing it too long. I have more responsibilities, I am accountable to people, especially the little people, and I now understand that my plans and actions today have long term consequences. Today, I set goals, I make lists, I bullet journal, I workout, I don’t workout because life happens sometimes. So I am constantly trying to find ways to become better at being a wife, mother, teacher and fitness and health coach.

I am passionate about helping people bring balance into their lives through Beachbody.

What first drew me to Beachbody was the workouts. I had always loved working out in high school and It did not take my Beachbody coach long to convince me to join. I became coach right away so that I could get the products at a discount. I was convinced right away that I had made the right choice, because my body loved the exercises and Shakeology gave me the energy boost I needed to do the workouts and it was the healthiest thing I was putting into my body. After being away from TeamBeachbody for more than three years, I am back because I am still convinced that Beachbody is the best choice for me. 

My goals when I first joined Beachbody as a young, single woman was mainly weight loss and feeling confident. As a wife and mother and a career woman, my goals have changed. While I have not abandoned my goal to get to my desired weight, I have discovered that if you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others and so my goal is to be better so I can help others achieve their goals.